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Giving Back


It is a privilege and a responsibility to give back; we encourage you to find an outlet to improve the lives around you. At Adam Wilson Realty, we have a heart for public educators. The impact of a teacher will last a lifetime, if not longer.

They get to school early, they stay late. They bring the students home in both their minds and their hearts, on top of the work that can’t be graded during school hours. More than you know, they even spend their fabled summers attending professional development conferences and creating new & improved dynamic lesson plans to make school a place students want to be.

Adam Wilson Realty has provided over 100 catered lunches to area schools over the past 7 years. School staffs usually gather in the library during their thirty minute lunch to relax and enjoy one another’s company over a delicious, warm meal. We also give away gift cards to Knoxville restaurants, entertainment and home improvement stores. The cherry on top for each of these lunches is when we get to honor the $110% Awardee in front of their peers with recognition, $110 cash and a handwritten thank you card. The $110% Award is chosen by Adam based upon personal knowledge of the educator, input from the community and the school’s administration for hard work that has not yet been recognized.

Beyond doing the right thing, we do have an ulterior motive for honoring and encouraging teachers. A strong school system will keep our cities stocked with healthy, educated and confident citizens. Schools are also a source of community pride for their academic, athletic, artistic and musical accomplishments. And yes, high performing school pipelines raise home values.

Next time someone tells you that they are a teacher, don’t say ‘bless your heart.’ Say, ‘THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice in the classroom.’ Please help me restore the prestige and honor the the field of education deserves.