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Hardin Valley Market Stats Update June 2019


This is a snapshot of the housing activity in the 37932 zip code, inclusive of all the homes (regardless of price). The upper left box indicates the number of Hardin Valley homes for sale. On 17 June 2019, 117 homes are listed for sale on the MLS. The box to the upper right shows the recent sales activity. In the past 3 months, 155 homes have sold and this puts us at a pace of a rounded 51 sales per month.

In the lower left box, this is known as the absorption rate. It is a fancy term for a number that helps us judge whether the market is a Buyer’s Market (higher than 6), a Seller’s Market (less than 6)  or Balanced (6). Hardin Valley’s absorption rate of 2.2 would indicate that we are still in a Seller’s Market. If no new homes were added to the market and we kept selling at a pace of 51/month, all of the houses in 37932 would be sold in less than 3 months! Even though the market has 117 properties for buyers to choose from (an increase of 9 from May’s snapshot), this is not enough to meet the demand of the market. Statistically speaking, sellers with an address in 37932 have a 44% chance of selling within the first month of being on the market. Hardin Valley homes continue to be a hot commodity because of our schools (thank you teachers!), convenient location and new construction of both homes and businesses.


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