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Campbell Creek – Hardin Valley 37932

Campbell Creek subdivision was developed by various builders between 2008 and 2012. Located midway between I-40 and Hardin Valley Rd just off of N Campbell Station, Campbell Creek residents can reach Turkey Creek as quickly as they can drop kids off at Hardin Valley Elementary School. The common build is a two story, two car garage home with brick or vinyl front and vinyl siding. Expect to find hardwood floors on the main level of most homes and the master bedroom on the second floor. Kitchens predominantly have formica countertops and linoleum floors while bathroom vanities have cultured marble tops over linoleum floors. A big selling point for would be Hardin Valley home buyers is that Campbell Creek boasts larger backyards than most newer subdivisions in Knoxville with yards that are usually fenced and usable. When looking at homes for sale, note that water heater replacement is on the horizon while HVACs and roofs should still have several years of useful life remaining.

Adam Wilson, Adam Wilson Realty (06/11/2019)

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